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Top Content Management Systems

Content management systems or CMS is a type of online computer application that can help you create and modify digital content. This system can usually be used by multiple users under one collaborative project.

What can content management systems do?

The features of a CMS will vary. Most of them will give users the ability to publish online, format content, create pages, view content revision history, index important pages, optimize the web, etc.

Managing the content of a website is important to make it a success. First of all, you need to use content to your advantage and that means having full control over it. Content management systems allow users to do this – even if they are not tech-savvy. At least, there are CMS that you can use even if you are not aware of codes and programming languages. This is actually the first important component of a great CMS and it is called content management application (CPA).

The other is a content delivery application or CDA. This is responsible for compiling all the information and updates that are happening on the website.

Best content management systems

Choosing the best content management system is actually easy. However, you have to understand what each of them can offer so you can choose the one that will suit your website requirements. Here are some of the best content management systems that you can choose from.


WordPress is considered as the best CMS among all the different categories. That means regardless of the type of website that you have, this open-sources CMS can suffice. The best part is, it is for free. This used to be a blogging platform but it has evolved to become one of the most well-known platforms at present. In fact, the platform estimates that almost a quarter of the Internet operates through them. They have a lot of tools (called plugins) that users can use to make their site as sophisticated as possible. It is also very easy to use.


If you are looking for the best content management system for an e-commerce site, your best option is Magento. This site has one of the best plugins that are specifically created for online selling – like product catalogue, pricing, image watermark, invoice and billing etc. It also has an open source platform that allows flexibility for all types of businesses. They also offer different “editions” that you can choose from depending on your capabilities.


All websites are concerned about SEO. However, if you really want to take it to the next level, Drupal is the best CMS for you. This is an open-source CMS application and it offers tools that will allow you to set up the website for search engines immediately. It has features that will allow you to create relevant content for your target audience. If your site is expected to have a lot of pages and high volume of users, then this is the best content management system to use. Admittedly, this is more complicated to use compared to the other alternatives. In most cases, users have to hire web developers. But it is one of the most secure among the open-source CMS platforms.


Among the content management systems, this is known to be the best option for small businesses. The ease by which you can develop a website makes this a winner in this category. There are several extensions and plug-ins that you can use to meet the growing needs of a company. This is also an open-source platform that is designed for web developers with coding experience. The add-ons are also free of charge – which is great for business finances.