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Web Design Trends Of 2017

Knowing the web design trends of 2017 will help you create the most amazing websites. If you are in this industry, it is a must that you stay on top of new developments and trends. It is the only way that you can create the most up-to-date and sophisticated websites online.

About Web Design trends of 2017

So what are the trends that web designers should be on the lookout for this year? Here are some of the trends that are popularly used.

Open composition

In the past, designs were usually static, symmetric, and closed. Now, the elements are suspended and constantly moving. It makes the design look alive and very interesting.


This simply refers to designs wherein the left and the right are not balanced. It basically skips the rule of symmetry. Surprisingly, these websites are not an eyesore and have resulted in some of the most interesting websites to date.


Designs are now dynamic in composition. Complex shapes are used and in some sites, patterns change as you scroll down. The background changes – which makes the design quite mobile and interesting.


Sometimes, there is beauty in chaos. This is why some designers are deliberately moving out of minimalism. Layouts are now all about contrasting forms, textures, colors, and even sizes. Harmony goes out the window and what we are left with is just beautiful chaos. But do not be fooled. Each part of the chaotic is still relevant.

Decorative function

Admittedly, there are some web design trends that have placed a greater value on website decorations. It is not like the chaotic designs. There is harmony here but you will notice that some of the elements on the page are only there for decorative purposes – nothing more.

Rich backgrounds

This type of design trend uses patterns and background. These can be as simple as lines, dots, or even stripes. Grid patterns are also being used as a part of this trend.

These are only some of the web design trends that will be evident this year.

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